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Citroën and Le Coq Sportif: Creative Teamwork for the 70th Anniversary of the Type H

When the Commercial Vehicle Show opens its doors in Birmingham on 25 April, the results of a wonderful collaboration between Citroën and another bold and creative French brand, Le Coq Sportif, will be on display. To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the Type H van, the two teamed up to customise an authentic Type H and a New Dispatch in the colours of Le Coq Sportif – a natural thing to do for two French brands that focus on creating high-quality, modern, and technically advanced products and that can also claim to being “popular” in the finest sense of the term. The two brands were eager to celebrate the iconic Type H and to link it to its worthy successor, Citroën Dispatch, a van recognised for its styling, comfort, and practicality.


Citroën has chosen the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham for the world premier of two customised vans, one based on the Type H and the other on New Dispatch – two vans that range across 70 years of history and illustrate Citroën’s prominence in the light commercial vehicle segment.



These two distinctive concept vehicles are the outcome of extensive interior and exterior customisation work to present the Le Coq Sportif brand. They represent a design approach to mobile bicycle workshops that combines beauty and functionality:

• The Type H, evokes authenticity and nostalgia, with warm materials;
• New Dispatch, projects a sleek, modern spirit with its simplicity and white colour.




Two mobile workshops flying the french colours

The Type H and New Citroën Dispatch have been converted into mobile bicycle maintenance workshops. The Citroën Style Centre and the Le Coq Sportif styling office have combined their creative energy and expertise to develop the two vans, which display Le Coq Sportif’s colours along with the brand’s name and logo on each side. The two show cars have a different spirit in side:

• The Type H has a warm and simple feel about it that is cheerful and comfortable, with light-coloured woodwork made of different types of wood, like “batipin”, which lines the workshop and the wall where tools are hung. The seats in the cabin are upholstered in natural, chocolate-coloured leather, enhancing the character of the interior and playing on the theme of natural materials.

• New Dispatch strikes a modern and refined note. Its black woodwork contrasts with white leather seats accented with red, white, and blue topstitching.  




Following their World Premiere on the Citroën stand at the Birmingham Commercial Vehicle Show, these two vans will be on display at Le Coq Sportif communications events and will be relayed on social media with the hashtags #CitroënDispatch #LeCoqSportif