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Grand C4 Picasso named TopGear Family Car of the Year 2013

Some say that it will "surprise and delight", that it has a design that is "fresh and modern" and a look that is "smart and futuristic". All we know is that it's called the Grand C4 Picasso. And it's just won the 2013 Family Car of the Year award from the team at BBC TopGear magazine.

Our latest Citroën MPV may not be the best bet for burning rubber, lapping the famous Nürburgring circuit or even for screeching around Gambon corner at full pelt, but the New Grand C4 Picasso does have oodles of versatile space inside, a full set of seven seats, distinctive and stylish good looks and enough high technology to keep a gaggle of geeks amused for a week. Not to mention sufficient quality to impress the TopGear magazine team of white-coated scrutineers.

"You make an involuntary sound when you climb in, something like 'whooh'. A sound that suggests you're more impressed than you thought you'd be," wrote the TopGear team in their awards report. "It's evidence of the effort and thought that's gone into the New C4 Picasso across the board."

We'd obviously be the first to agree. But note that all our considerable effort and creative thought won't cost you an arm and a leg. Prices for the New Grand C4 Picasso start at just £19,200.

We're entirely delighted with the TopGear verdict, doubly so because it's not the first time we've won in this particular category. TopGear's Family Car of the Year in 2011 was our very own DS5, bringing a touch of prestige and luxury to an award normally associated with the kind of kid-friendly, carry-all practicality that you'll find across our entire Picasso range. And in 2010 our lovely DS3 won not only the Small Car of the Year award but was also named overall winner – honoured as TopGear Car of the Year.

We were especially delighted that the Grand C4 Picasso was able to win a 2013 award, given that it won't actually be available in showrooms until January 2014.