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Your Citroën services for eco-responsible driving

For mobility that is more people-friendly

Choosing a Citroën means choosing comfort and serenity, as well as committing to a more people-friendly type of driving. CITIZEN is our programme of solutions and services designed to help you get into the right habits when you're driving. So let's take a more people-friendly path together.


Manage my driving with MyCitroën

With the MyCitroën smartphone application, you can check your car’s range, remotely verify the battery level and pre-set the cabin temperature. The Drive feature helps you optimise your journeys by consulting statistics for all of your trips.


Receive a warning when I have to charge my Citroën

Citroën helps you pick up the right habits and behave more responsibly. PHEV PLUG IN REMINDER helps you get the very best out of your plug-in hybrid car by using the least polluting and least expensive form of energy whenever possible: electricity. The vehicle displays a notification on the central screen if ever you go five days without recharging and have made ten trips. Drive informed: get connected!



Citroën is committed to zero paper

The zero paper initiative is becoming the norm. Citroën has adopted this initiative and converted all of your paper documents into electronic ones. Your on-board documentation is now available in MyCitroën, and your service book is in Maintenance eBook.