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Unsure if a fully electric car is for you?  Citroën’s plug-in hybrid technology offers the perfect combination of a super smooth electric motor for shorter commutes and school runs, seamlessly switching to a petrol engine for longer journeys.

Introducing Plug-in Hybrid

Plug-in hybrids are a new way to drive and are now available as part of Citroën’s bold and powerfully engineered range of cars. If you want to drive a partially electrified vehicle, you can now take advantage of improved fuel economy and a whole range of driving benefits.

These new models are great for mobility needs in tight city spaces and come with the distinctive design that you have come to expect from a Citroën.

What is a PHEV

A plug-in hybrid is a new kind of car that sits in between a hybrid vehicle and an electric car. Electric hybrid cars feature a battery and the ability to drive in fully electrified mode, unlike a traditional hybrid.

Plug-in hybrids also come with home charging capabilities to fill up your battery power before you set off. Alongside this battery power, you can expect a traditional petrol-powered engine as a backup power source.

How PHEVs work

Plug-in hybrid cars draw power from two sources – in this case, a battery and petrol to provide the energy that your internal combustion engine needs.

You may be new to the world of hybrid driving and wondering what separates a hybrid vs a plug-in hybrid. The main difference is that a PHEV uses its battery as the main source of energy before drawing on its fuel-powered component.

Fuel Economy

With electricity’s lower cost you can use this energy as your main driving force. A plug-in hybrid car also uses regenerative braking – this technology stores power as your car slows down.

This energy would be wasted in a conventional engine, so a PHEV also improves your fuel economy with this innovation.


Discover ë-comfort

The Citroën plug-in hybrid range keeps the superior ride that comes from the Citroën Advanced Comfort® Suspension system and Advanced Comfort seats.  It then enhances the feeling of well-being with a super smooth electric motor that combines effortlessly with the petrol engine.​

Combining the best of electric and combustion

In 100% electric mode, enjoy increased performance, instantaneous engine torque and good acceleration in silence. When you want to escape to further away, the petrol engine will simply take over.

Economical to run

Thanks to its engine, the plug-in hybrid has a very low fuel consumption and you considerably cut your fuel costs on your everyday journeys. Although the Citroën plug-in hybrid is more technological than a purely combustion-engine vehicle, its service schedule remains the same. Entrust its services to specifically trained experts throughout the Citroën network.


The eagerly anticipated flagship of the Citroën range.

C5 X Plug-in Hybrid uniquely combines the elegance of a saloon and the versatility of an estate car with the commanding road presence of an SUV. ​

It's plug-in hybrid technology offers up to 39 miles of full electric range (EAER WLTP combined) for zero tailpipe emissions on short trips, while the smooth petrol engine gives the performance needed for longer journeys.



Pictured here in its stunning new colour Eclipse Blue, showing off its beautifully revised front and new 18” alloys, C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid combines all the advantages of a 100% electric drive for daily trips with the versatility and range provided by its PureTech 180 petrol engine for longer journeys.

Already a benchmark for comfort, with its 3 full size rear seats, C5 Aircross Plug-in Hybrid offers all the well-being that comes with an electric motor: namely near silent operation, a seamless, jolt-free drive and instant performance.  With CO2 emissions from just 32g/km (WLTP test cycle), C5 Aircross Hybrid stands apart in the large SUV segment.


Electric mode

Benefit from all the advantages of driving 100% electrically with silent driving and no CO2 emissions. This mode, which is ideal for the city, is activated by default when you start your hybrid.

Hybrid mode

Let yourself be guided. Depending on your driving style and the type of road you are on, you can alternate between electric and combustion mode. Your hybrid adapts to guarantee optimal use of electricity.

Sport mode

Take advantage of the full power of the internal combustion engine, assisted by electricity. Enjoy comfortable acceleration and braking in your plug-in hybrid.