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When is my car due for servicing?

Check your service book for your recommended service schedule and last service logged. You can also manage your servicing requirements using the MyCitroen app

What is included in my car service and how much will it cost?

Depending on your Citroën model, the age and mileage, you will have a different service due so you should contact your local retailer to discuss what is included in your next service. 

Do electric cars need servicing?

Yes, both electric and hybrid vehicles need servicing.

Is it expensive to service electric cars?

Compared to cars powered by fossil fuels, it is not expensive to service electric cars. In fact, the maintenance costs of electric cars are around 30% less on average than an equivalent petrol or diesel – meaning the motorists save money in the long run. On average, electric cars are much lighter on brake wear too as they use regenerative braking, where some of the energy from slowing down is used to recharge the battery rather than being wasted. If you are concerned about service costs, then your Citroën retailer will be happy to discuss a service plan package which will spread out the cost over the year and guarantee predictable expenditure to make it more affordable.

How do I book an appointment with my local retailer?

You can either book online using our online booking tool, or you can get in touch with your local retailer.




Can Citroën retailers carry out MOTs?

Yes, and as we know your Citroën best, our expert technicians are the best choice when it comes to your MOT.

Do you sell and fit tyres?

Yes we do and we also offer a free tyre check. Simply use our online booking tool to create an appointment or call your local retailer

I need a part for my Citroën, where do I go?

Citroën parts are exclusively available through your local Citroën Retailer. Why not let your local retailer do the hard work by both supplying and fitting your parts to your Citroën for you.

I have a warning light on my dash what does it mean?

You can consult your digital owner's manual which can be found in the MyCitroën app. Alternatively, contact your local Citroën retailer for advice and guidance.

How often should I change my brake fluid?

Brake fluid changes are required every 2 years and will be quoted in addition to your service. Please contact your local retailer to confirm the latest guidance for your model.

What is the correct engine oil for my car?

To find out the correct engine oil for your Citroën please refer to your owners manual (if you have one) which can be found in the glovebox of your vehicle. Alternatively you can consult your digital owners manual which can be found in the MyCitroën app.

What engine coolant should I use?

Engine coolant is a water\-based liquid which keeps your car's engine from overheating by regulating the temperature. Running your engine produces a great deal of energy which is converted into either power – to move the vehicle forward – or heat. While some of the heat energy is expelled via the exhaust, the remaining heat energy stays inside the engine. Coolant flows through passages in the engine and absorbs this heat. It is then
transferred to the car's radiator where it is cooled down by air flow as the car moves. If the vehicle is stationary, a fan will maintain the airflow to reduce the coolant's temperature. The coolant itself is a mixture of ethylene or
propylene glycol and water, usually in a 50/50 ratio. It is normal to top up this fluid between two services. Find out more in your vehicle manual/ handbook which you can access in the MyCitroen app.

How much is it to replace my brake discs?

We offer repairs on many wear and tear items to give you complete peace of mind, click below to find out more and to book.

How do I get a new key for my Citroën?

Please contact your local Retailer. Once you have provided the proof of ownership, they will order a replacement key from our parts department. 

What is the timing/cam belt?

The Timing belt (or Cam Belt) is a crucial part of the car's engine. It controls the timing of its moving components from the crankshaft to the engine valves. If it fails, it can cause significant engine damage or possibly result in the engine having to be replaced.

Where can I find my locking wheel nut?

All cars are supplied with a locking bolt/ nut key. You should find this located in the boot under the floor cover. If it is missing or you are struggling to find it, please contact your local retailer.

When should I top up Adblue®?

To prevent your Citroën from running out of the Adblue® additive the car is fitted with a low-level detection facility, just as would be the case with fuel. You will be notified when your vehicle is running low and requires a top up.

Who should I call for roadside assistance?

If you need roadside assistance in the UK: Call 0800 197 2046 and If you need roadside assistance in Europe: Call +33 4 26 73 78 96




Do Citroën have an owners App?

Yes. The MyCitroën mobile application keeps you connected to your vehicles. The MyCitroën APP is available on iOS (from iOS 12.0 upwards) and Android (from Android 7.0 Nougat upwards). If you need any help with the app
please visit our community centre.

How do I get a user manual/handbook for my vehicle?

You can download your user manual through the MyCitroën app, or you can request a printed version via your local retailer for a charge.

How do I update my vehicle’s software or maps?

 Our vehicles regularly have some updates for map and software which provide them with new functionalities, new services and ensure their optimal operation. A pop\-up on your vehicle's touchscreen will notify you of the availability of an update. Mapping updates are offered free of charge to customers with Connected 3D Navigation. These can be downloaded from the Citroën website, and can be then uploaded into your vehicle by USB key – but be sure to follow the detailed instructions to ensure the update works correctly. If you experience any issues during the update process, find more information here

Can I buy accessories for my car or van?

You can buy accessories for your vehicle through your local retailer. Click on the link below to discover the range of accessories specially selected for your vehicle.

Do you have any aftersales offers for owners?

Yes, we have offers exclusive to Citroën owners, find out more on our Ownership Offers page.

What’s included with my Citroën warranty?

We know how important your Citroën is to you. That’s why when you buy a new Citroën you get all the advantages of a full warranty with manufacturing, paintwork and perforation defects all covered. In certain situations, we’ll even go beyond our legal warranty obligations because we want your ownership journey to be a happy one. Citroën warranty