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Upgrade your road-trips with the New Citroën Holidays. This converted SpaceTourer combines the advantages of a camper van with the everyday comfort of a car: travel, eat, sleep - anything is possible!

Thanks to its compact exterior dimensions and height of 1.99 meters, the Citroën Holidays is still perfect to get around city centres, as well as embark on rural retreats. Equipped with an efficient Diesel engine.

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Travel in complete comfort

Based on the SpaceTourer, the Citroën Holidays is perfectly suited to road-trips. It offers all the comforts and features of the best camper vans: a pop-up roof, up to 4 sleeping spaces, a kitchen, removable table, swivelling front seats and more.


Fitted & removable kitchen

The kitchen area features a sink, two gas burners, 16-litre fridge and a retractable table allowing for enjoyable indoor meals for four people thanks to the swivelling front seats. Also, with plenty of storage spaces you can prepare meals just like at home. A removable kitchen unit enables cooking and dining outdoors. Additionally, the sliding side door provides optimum ventilation.

Practical interior

Space on board is optimised thanks to versatile storage compartments.
Plug in all your household appliances to the internal 230V and USB sockets.
A programmable Webasto heating system ensures optimal onboard temperature.
A control panel manages the interior lighting ambience as well as the programmable heating system so occupants can easily manage the ventilation and brightness of their vehicle.
A roof-mounted solar panel is also equipped to harness additional power from the sun.

Dining area detailed view

Share meals and conversations thanks to the retractable table, which can also be used outside.


Spacious sleeping area

With 2 double beds, this van can comfortably accommodate up to 4 adults.

Bench by day, bed by night

The practical rear bench converts into a cozy double bed - feel just like you're at home.

Outdoor shower

The Holidays also offers a removable shower, coupled with a 25-litre tank. 

Pop-up Roof

The pop-up roof houses a large sleeping area for 2 people in night mode.
Plenty of space to sleep, in total comfort.


Ergonomic dashboard

The dashboard is laid out in such a way that the driver has everything within easy reach and view, such as the instrument cluster with its modern, graphic dials, large 10-inch HD central display, wireless smartphone mirroring via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, storage compartments and sliding side doors.

Welcoming interior

Its clever, spacious and adjustable interior layout make it the ideal vehicle for long journeys and holidays. For more practicality, the opening rear window allows access to objects without opening the tailgate.

Comfortable seats

The seats are covered with soft materials, ensuring a high level of comfort seats. Pivoting front seats allow you to gather comfortably inside with friends and family.

Exceptional versatility

At the rear of the vehicle, you can enjoy the sliding bench seat with reclining backrests to relax and feel at home. 


Total flexibility

Depending on your needs, the boot volume can be increased thanks to the removable rear bench seat.

Additional loading space

Increase the load capacity by removing the rear bench seat.

Loading space detailed view

Load all your belongings and luggage for the perfect getaway, and not forgetting the removable toilet delivered with the vehicle for extra convenience.