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A family has perhaps the largest effect on the car you choose and the way you drive - a good family car must be capable of carrying at least three people, plus luggage, on journeys that might be anything from a supermarket run to a driving holiday. You'll need to consider the size of the boot (especially for prams) and ensure that the back seats are accessible so that you can reach your child easily. Young children will need safety seats and your new family car will have to fit them correctly - on new cars, this is no problem, but you'll need to check used cars for compliance.


Our Family Cars


Below are details on our family car range, we look at cars of several sizes, including our Citroën MPVs which make excellent large family cars - if you have more than three children or need to carry a large amount of luggage, check out our 7 seater section as well!



Previously 4x4 and MPV Driver Magazine’s MPV of the Year, Berlingo Multispace has lost none of its effectiveness as a family vehicle. Ultimately adaptable with five independently removable rear seats, it carries like a van and drives with the comfort and refinement you have come to expect from a Citroën.

As well as being spacious, Berlingo Multispace comes with Citroën Advanced Comfort meaning that you and your family will be extremely comfortable no matter how long the drive is.


New Citroën Berlingo is the next generation Citroën MPV that stands out thanks to its many features including a record amount of practical space, exceptional modularity and a new-generation Modutop® multifunctional roof. New Berlingo benefits from the Citroën Advanced Comfort® programme offering optimum ride quality thanks to comfortable seats, suspension and high-quality acoustic equipment.

New Citroën Berlingo combines a range of modern technologies to make everyday life more convenient as well as ensuring the highest level of safety. 19 driver assistance systems are available with New Berlingo including Active Safety Brake, Lane Departure Warning and Blind Spot Monitoring.


Citroën C4 SpaceTourer is elegant and innovative in design accentuated with dynamic lines and bold signature lighting, front and back. C4 SpaceTourer is refreshing in design, distinctive and a modern family car. Spacious interior storage and compact exterior dimensions make the car easy to handle with plenty of space for the entire family.

Citroën Advanced Comfort® and advanced RELAX function make the driving experience blissful and relaxing. C4 SpaceTourer comes with Connected Nav, so navigating the roads and syncing your mobile is a simple. There’s also a number of driver assistance and safety feature.