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Get AlloyGator Wheel Protection on your side


At Citroën we’re always looking for ways to help maintain your car's pristine condition. That’s why we’ve partnered with AlloyGator™, a wheel protection system that reduces the risk of damage caused by kerbing to keep your alloy wheels smart and scuff free.

The AlloyGator™ wheel protection system was carefully developed in collaboration with major vehicle manufacturers and has been tested at MIRA, so its quality and performance are assured.

Now established worldwide, AlloyGator™ are available in no less than 35 countries.

AlloyGator are manufactured in the UK and meet the toughest quality requirements. They’re made from a really strong composite that protects your wheels from all kinds of impacts and harsh conditions.


AlloyGator™ award winning wheel rim protectors fit between the wheel and tyre. They use specially designed locking teeth, diamond grips and strong stainless steel clips to keep them securely in place on your Citroën.

In addition to offering first-class protection, they have a smooth rounded edge and matt finish, which complements the look of your wheels. They are available for wheels ranging from 12 to 24 inch diameter and are in a variety of colours, from matt black, graphite and silver, to sky blue and orange. So now you can avoid expensive wheel refurbishment and add an extra dash of style.


Together, AlloyGator and Citroën provide a perfect way to maintain your car’s showroom fresh looks, and its value too. A set of four costs just £149 fitted, including VAT. Contact your Citroën dealer and book an appointment today

Terms and conditions apply. Available at participating dealers only.