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An elegant crossover vehicle, Hypnos draws on a range of creative technologies to deliver outstanding performance and environmental efficiency, combined with subtle but powerful motoring thrills for passengers.

Innovative and elegant styling

The dynamic, sculpted forms of Hypnos are crafted by taut, flowing lines, conveying an impression of exceptional elegance and strength. Whether we're looking at the strongly marked wheel arches, the taut lines of the bonnet or the high waistline, the sleekly muscled forms are both powerful and sophisticated.

The deep, luminous grey of the bodywork brings out its elegant lines. The colour varies in intensity according to the ambient light, giving Hypnos a precious, elegant look that confirms its status as an executive vehicle.

The rear-hinged doors provide easy access to the cabin while the cargo tailgate ensures full access to the boot. Looking beyond visual impact, the doors and tailgate of Hypnos contribute to its functionality and remind onlookers that this is a car made to travel.
Creative interior design

In striking contrast to the outside, the interior of Hypnos spans all the colours of the rainbow. The cabin is of sophisticated design, with premium materials such as brushed aluminium and leather. The overall impression is one of absolute comfort, confirming Hypnos as an exceptional vehicle.

The passenger space comprises four seats made up of prism-shaped components that inflate and deflate on demand to provide upper and lower back massages. The seats are positioned in a helix configuration on either side of the central helix-shaped console. This unusual layout brings to mind a DNA strand, leading on to the concept of life and humanity, central values for the Citroën brand.

The instrument cluster facing the driver is viewed through diamond-like prisms with each facet displaying driving information.  Like a jewel, it is mounted in a setting made of a premium metal.
Real driving thrills

Driveability and thrills have not been sacrificed. If the driver accelerates hard, a boost function kicks in to deliver torque from  both the combustion and electric powerplants. Hypnos thus achieves high levels of performance without compromising fuel consumption: 0 to 100 kph in 9.4 seconds and 31 seconds to cover 1,000m from a standing start.

Like other Citroën executive vehicles, Hypnos is fitted with third-generation hydraulic suspension. As well as setting high standards in comfort, this technology delivers a benchmark ride.

In the event of low grip or strong handling, the car switches to four-wheel drive mode using the electric motor installed at the rear. Four-wheel drive mode delivers improved traction and ensures that the potential of Hypnos is used to the full in all conditions. Four-wheel drive mode can also be selected in difficult driving conditions (e.g. a snow-covered rise).
Innovating for the environment

Hypnos is based on an intelligent design combining a 200 bhp 2l HDi DPFS diesel combustion engine (mated to a clutchless six-speed gearbox) with a 50 bhp electric motor installed on the rear axle.

Through this diesel hybrid technology, Hypnos seeks to respect the environment. This is particularly true in the city in ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) mode – a completely silent all-electric mode – and on roads demanding successive acceleration and deceleration. In this second case, the hybrid architecture makes it possible to limit consumption by using the two forms of energy together.

Hypnos features high-power Stop & Start technology that switches the combustion engine to standby in traffic jams or when the vehicle comes to a halt. By controlling fuel consumption and thus pollutant emissions, Hypnos boasts combined cycle consumption of 4.5 l/100 km for CO2 emissions of 120 g/km. A remarkable achievement given its concept-car body style.
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