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A style replica of a vehicle from the digital world, GTbyCitroën is a new take on a road car. It is the result of a partnership between Citroën and Polyphony, designer of the driving simulation game Gran Turismo 5.

Powerful, flowing lines

GTbyCitroën is a vehicle of taut, flowing lines, stretched to the extreme. The clean lines of the flanks, ribbed at the top, and the pearlescent bodywork enhance the vehicle’s muscular looks.

The front end adopts a similar stance with its wide air intakes and horizontal headlamps with blue LEDs. The carbon door mirrors on their finely profiled supports seem to  be suspended as if to cleave the air, giving GTbyCitroën an excellent on-road stance.

The large wraparound windscreen flows seamlessly into the roof and on into the rear mobile airfoil with its exaggeratedly long shape. The fast-flowing lines create the impression of a car in perpetual movement. The whole body expresses performance and continuous movement.
Optimised aerodynamics

Special emphasis was placed on aerodynamics and flowing design lines, these being key Citroën values. The objective was to enhance the vehicle's dynamics and road manners for an exceptionally thrilling drive.

Looking beyond its taut, dynamic lines, GTbyCitroën features innovative equipment such as enlarged air intakes at the front, a flat underside, and a mobile spoiler and air diffuser at the rear. All these features play an active role in reducing lift and – above all – drag, to pin the car to the ground.

With its flowing lines, original architecture and its use – in the game – of what is potentially the best environmental technology of the future, GTbyCitroën embodies the sporting spirit as seen by Citroën.
An exceptional experience

The interior design confirms the dynamic and powerful style of GTbyCitroën. The cabin, designed to seat a driver and co-driver, allies rich, premium, extensively worked materials with a high-tech effect  for the driving position, inspired by the world of motorsports.

Two padded racing seats upholstered in dark leather enfold the driver and passenger for exceptional driving sensations. The top-stitched leather on the door panels and floor enhance the sporty ambience of the cabin.

To promote maximum concentration, the driver has a head-up display for driving information. The head-up display makes a significant contribution to safety with its direct read-out. Drivers assimilate data more quickly and do not have to look away from the road.
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