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Configure Your New Citroën C3



Configure your Citroën C3

Interested in Citroën C3? Project yourself behind the wheel of your future city car with the Citroën configurator! From the choice of trim to the equipment, engine and colours, customize your Citroën C3 according to your desires.
Existing versions for Citroën C3
Your Citroën C3 is available in the following trims: Live, Feel, Feel Pack, C-Series, Shine and Shine Pack. Each of these versions includes a range of standard equipment and accessories to suit your needs. If you want to add an extra touch of originality to your Citroën C3, 2 special series are also available: Saint James and C-Series.
Choice of engine
Your Citroën C3 is available both in diesel (BlueHDI 100) and petrol (PureTech 83, Puretech 110) versions. Depending on the version and engine chosen, your city car is available with a manual gearbox or an EAT6 automatic gearbox that offers you smooth gear changes and optimum driving comfort.
Interior and exterior design
In terms of design, many options are available, such as the choice of colour, roof decals and wheels. Inside your Citroën C3, you can choose from a range of different ambiances to create an interior that suits your taste.
Dimensions of Citroën C3
With a length of 3,996 mm, a width of 1,749 mm and a height of 1,474 mm, Citroën C3 is a city car that is at ease in the city as well as on the road. Compact dimensions but no compromise on boot space, with a volume of 300 litres whatever the chosen version.
Available equipment
Depending on the trim chosen, several features can be added for even greater comfort and safety. Reversing camera, parking assistance, hands-free starting... and many others.