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Citroën Celebrates 40th Anniversary of the Citroën 2CV Charleston

  • Citroën is marking 40 years of the 2CV6 Charleston, which debuted at the Paris motor show in October 1980
  • Launched with a limited run of 8,000 units, the model was so successful that it was added to the Citroën range in July 1981
  • The Citroën 2CV range came to an end on 27 July 1990, with a final Charleston model going into production
  • This is a great time to remember the iconic 2CV Charleston and admire its chic, quirky character 40 years after its launch


Citroën is marking forty years since the launch of the “Charleston” special series. In October 1980, Citroën released 8,000 2CV Charleston models for a price of 24,800 Francs. The new model was designed to satisfy 2CV fans, with iconic round headlights and distinguishable maroon and black body paint.

Following the Citroën 2CV Spot from 1976, the 2CV6 Charleston marked the start of a new wave of limited editions. Though its finish was borrowed from the Citroën 2CV Club, the 2CV6 Charleston stood out from the crowd with its special upholstery and round headlights, just like those on the 2 CV Spécial.

The following year, in July 1981, the limited series model was so popular that it was put into mass-production at the Levallois plant and added to the Citroën catalogue. This version differed from the limited edition with its chrome headlights and grey, diamond-pattern upholstery.

Initially sold in Delage Red and Black, it later came with a Hélios Yellow and Black variant in July 1982, which was then replaced in July 1983 with a version coated in two shades of grey, Night Grey and Cormorant Grey.

Production continued in 1988 at the Mangualde plant in Portugal. The models produced at this site can be identified by their windows, which bear the name of the Spanish glazier, “Covina”.

On 27 July 1990, at 4:30 pm, the final 2CV to leave the Mangualde production line was a Night Grey and Cormorant Grey 2CV6 Charleston. This was the 5,114,969th and the last 2CV ever produced. The 2CV remains an icon of automotive history and a favourite of numerous collectors around the world. The Charleston contributed to this success over the last 10 years of production.

The Charleston remains a popular choice, with one out of every five 2CV miniatures sold is a Charleston.

The historic 2CV boasts 10 special editions launched in France and other European countries:



1976: 2CV Spot

1980: 2CV Charleston

1981: 2CV 007 James Bond

1983 and 1984: 2CV France 3

1985 and 1986: 2CV Dolly

1986: 2CV Cocorico


1982: 2CV Marcatelo

Germany and Switzerland:

1985: 2CV Ente Grün


1987: 2CV Bamboo


1988: 2CV Perrier

In 2008, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the 2CV, a limited-edition Charleston was launched based on the Citroën C3 Pluriel Charleston, with the same Delage Red and Black exterior.

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