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If you're struggling to choose between our great range of vehicles we have created a Citroën Car Comparator to allow you to make an informed decision about your future vehicle. All our models are shown along with independently provided information for every car from all the main car manufacturers in the UK.



Citroen C3

Citroën Company Car Tax Comparison

Discover the Citroën Company Car Tax Comparison where you can find out more about BIK (%), CO₂ (g/km) and P11D (£) across our Citroën range and compare them to other manufacturer cars sold in the UK.

Citroën Specification Comparison

Who doesn’t love additional equipment? Discover the Citroën Specification Comparison where you can find out the specification of Citroën vehicles and compare these with other vehicles available on the market.


Our petrol and diesel engines focus on being as efficient as possible. Use our CO₂ emissions , MPG and Fuel economy calculators to discover more about the award winning engines within the Citroën range and how they compare to other manufacturers.